Social Media Marketing

Fully Managed From Just £320 Per month!

Finding time to create high quality social media posts everyday  is almost impossible when there are so many other things in your business that need your attention.
Our service grows your social media with professionally designed content.
Real Growth, Real People, Real Customers! 
Social media management
social media growth

How do I grow my social media following?

When it comes to posting on social media,  you may find it difficult thinking of something new to post every day.
How do you make it engaging and relevant? 
Are you posting loads but it doesn’t have the effect you want? 
Are you getting the enquiries, shares or likes you need?
We understand that when it comes to growing your social media presence, it can be hard to know where to start.
Just finding the time and understanding of how to make it happen can be a struggle.
"Gavin is truly one of the most exceptional social media experts I've ever met, His experience and knowledge of social media, marketing and sales make him the perfect person for helping businesses grow. I couldn't recommend him enough."
Instagram Growth

Fresh social media content, done for you, in just a few clicks.

LIKES offers fully managed social media marketing so that business owners like you can establish and grow a strong presence on social media.

You can reach more potential customers and save time every day.

With proven marketing strategies, your business will see a real, authentic, increase in followers that match your target audience.

A bigger audience means a bigger customer base, a bigger customer base means more profits for your business, all without having to lift a finger.


Real Growth, Real People, Real Customers! 

Easy Social media marketing for you

This is where we come in, we are experts, creating stunning, engaging posts that help you to grow rapidly and reach new customers.

Our “done for you” social media marketing service means you can focus on your business and the things that really matter! – saving you time and money.

Our proven marketing strategies mean your business will see a real, authentic, and gradual increase in followers that match your target audience.

"Passionate with great knowledge and natural insight, I would recommend LIKES Social Media to anybody"

Quality Content and Real Growth fully managed for one Low Monthly Fee

All of the content we post is created specifically for your business. In addition, if you are looking to rapidly grow your pages, you can add-on a Facebook Advertising budget and our Follower Growth service for an even bigger boost!

Targeted Content

Professionally designed and written content to interest and engage your target audience.

No Fakes!

No fake followers or bots – we only attract real followers interested in your business

Focused Research

Industry-relevant hashtags to boost your brand awareness

Bespoke Content

Unique content created specifically for your business

Social Advertising

Facebook advertising and growth boosters to rapidly increase your followers and likes

Reliable & Responsive

First-class customer service via email, messaging and phone whenever you need it

"LIKES have a great insight into social media and really helped Emerson develop our Social media marketing, opening our eyes to the possibilities out there"

Getting Started is Easy

Step 1 – Sign up

Choose your package and sign up to get started.

Once you complete we will set up your dashboard.

Step 2 – Provide more information

You provide information about your business, industry, target audience and what kind of social media marketing posts you are looking for.

You will also connect your social media pages in just a few clicks.

Step 3 – Review and approve posts weekly

We spend the next 4 – 7 days researching your business and industry to make sure we are creating relevant and effective content for you. 

Once we have created your first week of social media posts, we will send you an email reminding you to login and review them before they go live.

Step 4 – Launch Growth Boosters and advertising

Once you have approved the posts, we will launch your Growth Boosters and Facebook advertising budget to rapidly grow your social media marketing presence and help you reach new customers. 

You will have access to analytics 24/7 to monitor your growth.