Is Your Mindset Holding You Back

What is it that sets successful people apart from those that don’t achieve their potential?

Why do some people just seem able to win and come out on top of a situation time and time again whereas most people will never be more than there are right now?

I’ve had a few conversations around this topic recently because of the current political situation here in the U.K. and it seems that the same views and beliefs come up time and time again. I’m sure all of us will be able to identify with, or be guilty of some of these. I know I have in the past.

I wanted to lay out a few areas that keep coming up in these conversations and the difference in thought process that can effect your success both in business and personal situations.

Successful people take responsibility, I don’t mean just when things go wrong. They understand that they are responsible for their position in life, that it is their actions that determine how they will get along in life. It is too easy to say “Their boss is holding them back, or their parents didn’t push them enough to do well at school, They didn’t come from a wealthy background etc etc. Understand that you are responsible for your success, that you need to take action to improve your situation and that nobody will do it for you.

If you can be honest enough with yourself to understand and believe this you are on the right track.

Invest in yourself. Not just financially. Taking extra courses and qualifications is always going to pay dividends and a lot of employers will help you buy providing funding for some qualifications but what do you do with your free time? Catching up with soaps and social media will not help you succeed in life, you need to invest time in developing your mind as well.

Your mind is much like your body, if you feed you body with junk and don’t exercise it will become unhealthy and less able to function effectively. The same is true for your mind, if you feed it with negative or useless information that is the mindset you will build. A great idea is to develop a challenging library to keep you thinking and developing. In the modern age this does not necessarily need to be physical books. There is a huge range of audio books available that can be kept on your phone and you can listen to them on the train, bus or play them in your car. Youtube is also a huge resource and you can save videos for watching again later. There is no excuse not to do this. The only thing stopping you is your mindset.

Develop a positive attitude. This is easier said then done but has a huge impact on your life. Now I don’t mean be happy clappy and always up. You need to try and look at things with an open mind, approach projects and situations with the belief that something positive can be achieved and strive to find the positive angle. You would not believe how quickly things can start to change when you embrace this approach. People will want to work with you over more negative people and employers will notice your approach and abilities much more then your more your co-workers. You will also start to notice just how negative a lot of people around you are and when this happens it is a huge eye opener.

Care less about others peoples opinion of you. You would not believe how much of our behavior is based on our preconception of what other peoples opinion of us is. Think about this, You have no way of knowing what somebodies true opinion of you is. Yet you will spend an inordinate amount of time and energy worrying about this and trying to behave in a certain way to effect it. STOP. It is a fruitless endeavour and a waste of your energy. If you can stop caring about what others perception of you is then you will start to develop self confidence. This is the ability to believe in yourself and your abilities to the exclusion of outside opinions. Self confidence (not arrogance) is a big part of a successful mindset. Once you truly develop this you will start to see opportunities and possibilities where others can’t. You will want to take on more responsibilities and risk in your quest for success.

Reframe Setbacks and failures. Failure is not an excuse to give up. Treat it as an learning experience, as painful as it might be, if you can examine and determine what the reason for failure was then it can become a wonderful lesson in how to improve for the next try. It means you have to be absolutely honest with yourself and any part you may have played in the situation but it is this tenacity and refusal to give up that truly sets the uber success stories apart from the rest of us.

Set Goals and keep records. If you don’t set goals and revisit them how do you know your are making progress. It is important that you have a destination in mind and act towards getting there, If you don’t then you will end up at somebody else’s destination and believe me, you probably aren’t going to like it when you get there. Understand as well that your goals and destinations will change through your life, priorities change and as you achieve goals you will replace them with new goals.

Accept that you will go through tough times. It is important to understand that life happens to everyone, rich or poor, happy or sad, life happens. By understanding that sometimes things don’t go your way and you may need to make changes you will be more effective at and resistant to the tough times.

Hopefully you will find these points helpful but I would definitely recommend this as part of your library click here if you want to take a look at it.

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Here’s to your continued success!

Gavin Dawson

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